“I was working with an investment company which was in the process of evaluating a large investment opportunity. We had utilized the traditional avenues for valuating and assessing the investment, but were wanting another point of view. Rafkor was able to provide us with a very thorough analysis (within the brief time period that was given) to add to our final decision. 

I was quite impressed with the level of expertise and the approach Rafkor took to assess each aspect of our plan, and after a follow-up meeting, we felt very confident in moving forward. We had asked Rafkor to identify weaknesses in our opportunity that we may not have recognized, and after running through some different scenarios we were confident in our overall due diligence. I would fully recommend Rafkor based on the value we received.”

Darcy Johnston
Darcy Johnston Consulting INC. – President
Vanderveldt Investments INC. – Managing Director


“My client was looking to purchase an existing business in Victoria and was provided with a financial summary by a broker. Rafkor Enterprises helped us assess the information presented, and prepared a detailed list of questions and concerns for us to take back to the seller. The assessment also identified historical trends and patterns, associated them with business assets and resources, and forecast future operations and cash flow expectations under new ownership. We were thoroughly pleased with the analysis and would highly recommend the service to individuals looking to buy a business.”

Wendy Pan
W. Pan & Company Inc. Certified General Accountants


“I have had the pleasure of working with Raf Korkowski on various projects over last 5 years. Raf has shown himself to be an extremely competent and well organized loan portfolio manager. His knowledge and understanding of the process behind the valuing of personal property for lending purposes was invaluable.  I found Raf to be someone who can be relied upon to come up with innovative and appropriate solutions to assist small to medium sized businesses in realigning themselves and creating more positive results moving forward. I consider Raf to be very personable, easy to talk to and have a strong work ethic. Rafkor Enterprises is certainly worth contacting if you’re looking for assistance in developing a “go forward plan” to take your own business to the next level or if you just need an independent assessment of where your business is today.”

Dave Hitchcock
Mid Island Investment Corporation – CEO