Uni Augsburg Erasmus Learning Agreement

To do this, complete the host university model and send the document with the VA completed and signed with LE to weltweit.outgoing@aaa.uni-augsburg.de so that it can be signed. All students who wish to have foreign benefits recognized for their studies in Augsburg must enter into a recognition contract before the start of the semester. As soon as you can check the list of courses at your host university, please check the performance detection in Augsburg. This process is the same for all students, regardless of the course or exchange program, and involves the conclusion of the so-called Recognition Agreement (AV). Below is full information if you are interested in a semester abroad or if you are already one of the selected participants. Note: Erasmus participants must guarantee sufficient insurance coverage themselves! Make sure your insurance covers the necessary medical repatriation to your home country. Accident insurance and private liability insurance can also be helpful. The University of Augsburg does not guarantee the accuracy of this information. Regardless of these indications, the provisions of your health insurance or those of German health insurance continue to apply. Please note that during your stay abroad (health insurance, liability insurance, etc.), you must provide sufficient insurance coverage yourself. After securing a place at one of our partner universities, it is first necessary that you accept this place.

You will receive the acceptance statement by email. Please read the information carefully on this page and start the detection process on time. The University of Augsburg has concluded cooperation agreements with more than 40 universities in Europe, Asia, South Africa, North America and Latin America. There are particularly close partnerships with the following 4 universities In order to be able to participate in the various ERASMUS activities, higher education institutions must be rewarded with the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2021 and sign bilateral agreements with partner institutions. The Charter defines the fundamental principles that institutions must respect, while bilateral agreements set out the specifics of each institutional cooperation. The CEU has signed Erasmus partnership contracts for the 2020-2021 academic years with the following institutions: Important: In principle, only extensions are possible in the same academic year (from the winter semester to the summer semester). We recommend that you study abroad for the winter semester following the fourth or sixth semester. Students wishing to complete their studies in France with the French master`s degree “Master 1” (formerly “Master-Master”) must have studied at least six semesters in Germany. The master`s degree in France lasts one year. Please note here the additional conditions set by the French partner university concerned. For more information, visit the Erasmus office, where you can also read the diplomas of former Erasmus students who have graduated from a Master`s degree in France.

. If you wish to introduce courses abroad in your studies in Augsburg, you must agree course and recognition opportunities with your department before staying abroad and enter into a so-called recognition contract (AV). Please note that following Switzerland`s vote on 9 February 2014, the EU has suspended for the time being the ongoing negotiations on Switzerland`s participation in the Erasmus programme. Student exchanges with partner universities will continue under the new Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP) with bilateral exchange agreements.