Tenancy Agreement For Dbs Check

If you need additional advice to verify a candidate for presidential or counter-sign status, call us on 03000 200 190. Her Majesty`s Passport Office has developed a guide to use for passport identification. The following information is based on DBS`s official lines of identification. If you are requesting a basic criminal record review, please visit our “Documents for a Basic Criminal Record” page. Please note that all documents submitted must be valid and original. This excludes self-printed documents or online excerpts. Please be careful of the requirements to avoid any delays in use. If you are requesting a DBS exam, you must specify at least 3 types of ID. This is to confirm the correct confirmation of the person. The necessary documents depend on how the applicant can engage.

If you own a property that you rent, or if you are considering hosting a tenant, you can apply for a DBS exam – formerly known as the CRB exam – for potential tenants with their permission. If you are a landlord and want to get a Basic Disclosure Check from tenants, you can buy one online today with personal cheques. If you need a check, someone else should also check your identity documents and send us an email here at uCheck to explain to info@ucheck.co.uk that you have seen your identity documents, that they are all valid and that they understand that it is now their name that is against the application. We hope you found this informative blog on “What documents are needed and the different route options for DBS exams.” At least one of the documents must indicate the applicant`s current address. The employer conducting the applicants` identity examination must request an external examination on behalf of the applicant. You cannot attempt to change the application form without the applicant`s knowledge and consent, as it invalidates the applicant`s statement and may violate data protection laws. Your clients must complete the application form and provide you with the completed certificate to verify the results. If the ID exam fails, we will contact the applicant to validate the DBS Route 3 application procedure, which requires a uktUK birth certificate plus 1 group 2a document and 3 Group 2a or 2b documents, creating a total of 5 documents. If this route fails, we need to initiate the DBS fingerprint process to create an identity. You have to show us 3 DOCUMENTS so we can complete the DBS check. Always check for manipulation when checking identity documents. Documents should be accessed if they show signs of damage, particularly in the area of personal data such as name and photo.

The following guidelines should help you look for suspicious signs when authenticating documents. Please note that on English, Welsh and Scottish driver`s licences issued prior to 1977, the date of birth is not listed separately on the driver`s licence. The date of birth can be deciphered from the driver`s licence number and compared to the date of birth on the application form. For more information on the verification of birth certificates, please see the document of the Office of Her Majesty`s General Registration Office on birth certificates.