Salary Schedule Of The Educational Support Professionals Association Agreement

If, for personal reasons, a staff member requests a reassignment to a position on a lower pay lane, the employee is placed in the corresponding taxiway and in the same step placement. For example, if the employee was placed on Runway 11 Step D prior to the reassignment and the reassignment led to the placement in Lane 8, the step placement remained as stage D. Such an investment has the potential for a negative financial effect. The leave was authorized and scheduled prior to the written notice at .9-3-2-1 (b); or It is recognized by the Board of Directors and staff that the district funds used for this purpose are in fact compensation and are taken into account in any budget analysis or expenditure. Agreements concluded and signed as part of the negotiation process remain provisional until an agreement is reached on the whole package. From these interim agreements, a recommendation is drawn up and will be submitted for ratification by the Board of Directors and the Association. The importance of an agreed and signed point may be recalled by one or both parties and revived in the negotiations if the point in question is identical to that of the first object in terms of content and/or meaning. Concerns about conditional factors or deviations that determine the placement in the payroll plan of the classified employee must be referred to the Superintendent. The statute of limitations for submitting a discrepancy is six (6) months from the date of such a salary placement.

If an employee entitled to leave is absent beyond the fixed days off, the absence is unpaid. If necessary, the corresponding insurance premiums are deducted from the salary. In the event that funds for school operations and maintenance are made available during the year from public or federal sources above the amounts expected at the beginning of the year, compensation plans may be revised and the amount of individual contracts adjusted such as the board of directors and the association may be fixed on that date. FLSA-exempt education professionals are full-time professionals and may work on a temporary or professional basis and are subject to the provisions of this agreement. These positions include the accountant, foundation director, manager maintenance, child nutrition services, school nurse, management data systems, manager network and occupational therapist. It is the borough`s duty to allow any worker to become a candidate for a public or political service. In the event of an election or appointment to such a position, it is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to grant leave. If such political activity does not impinge on the worker`s ordinary school duties, it is the borough`s duty to pay the full salary during the term of office. If, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, the political activity constitutes a partial breach of the worker`s obligation to the riding, the board of directors and the worker in question agree to each other`s wages to be paid to the worker while he is committing to or occupying a public service.