New Working Time Agreement

Once the negotiations are over, they will be signed, as agreed by the Re and the Director. The agreement is now mandatory for all employees. For mobile workers in general, the main question is whether the duration of the trip is significant – unlike workers with stable employment, travel on the date and first date for a worker without a fixed job is considered a travel period. The new law also sets the calculation of overtime and overtime, particularly with regard to average hours and flexible hours. Jobs sometimes have to determine whether an employee has accumulated overtime for which he or she must be paid. Flexitime systems must, for example, distinguish between the use of flexible hours of hours and the accumulation of overtime. A “flexibility of working time” (joustoty-aika) is a new approach on which employers and workers can agree when the worker can plan and independently determine the location of at least half of his working time. This flexibility of working time is particularly appropriate for specialized work, where the employer sets general goals and schedules, rather than precisely defining the time and place of work. In this type of work, working hours can be allocated more freely than to flexible hours. Staff members can independently decide when and when they do their work, within agreed limits. However, the weekly working time must be equalled to a maximum of 40 hours over a reference period of four months.

In the case of flexible work, the control of working time is primarily the responsibility of the employee. The arrangement of working time and the legal limit of 48 hours of work have been introduced for the health and safety of workers. Therefore, it is important that if an employee agrees to work more hours, you will have a copy of this agreement in writing. In your work agreement, you should say how the so-called working time rules are applied in your company. These include a regulation of working time for breaks and annual leave. Even if you meet the eligibility requirements, you do not have the legal right to demand flexible work if: if your employer accepts your request for flexible work, this implies a permanent modification of the contract. You can both agree to a trial phase to make sure the new rules work. Working time refers to the time spent performing a role. This may include training and travel for client-related or mission-related visits – but no travel to the entrance and entrance of the office. You should publish your company`s employment contract in writing and make it available to all employees.

It applies to either all employees or employees of a particular group.