Myba Charter Agreement 2019

o The owner/captain would be required to reduce his losses, including the attempt to re-lease the vessel and obtain a refund for all provisions received. With respect to Article 19, myba was delayed by previous formulations contained in the 2002 agreement, after the Committee decided that this version would clarify the process. The amendment of Article 20 with regard to the payment of charter fees involves clarifying the correct procedure for responding to complaints, which until now had been a subject that had raised many questions. “Once such a complaint has been received by the stakeholder, the stakeholder is required to maintain the balance of the charter fee for a period of [14] days,” the agreement states. “If on such a day the charterer`s claim is settled in agreement with the owner, the partner pays the balance of the charter fee to the owner (or as indicated in an arbitration decision). In short, coronavirus affects our daily lives in unpredictable ways. If you have pending charter contracts, you should carefully check your agreement and insurance to determine if they provide for an appeal during this period. If you are concerned that your charter may be affected by coronavirus and want advice on your particular situation, Robert Allen Law remains fully operational and his lawyers are available to you at this difficult time. When a charterer terminates a charter on the basis of COVID-19 (for example. B due to quarantine or flight cancellation), the owner has the right to demand all payments paid and due by the charterer. Both the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association (“MYBA”) Standard Charter Agreement and the American Yacht Charter Association (“AYCA”) Recreational Bareboat Charter Agreement have provisions on the case of force majeure. The force majeure provisions contained in the two agreements are similar, as are the contractual consequences in the event of force majeure.