Disagreement With Team Member Example

If both team members have credible ideas for finding a solution but can`t find common ground, you can use a framework to find the compromise. No one likes to talk about conflicts at work. Most work disputes are boring. In addition, you would probably prefer to pretend to be an absolute pleasure to work with them and that no one has ever had an unpleasant word to say about you. Show your awareness that it is easier to find a solution as soon as you understand what they do not agree with. Example: “I worked as a project manager on an IT project, and a technician was constantly late. When I spoke to him, he reacted defensively. I kept his composure and acknowledged that the deadlines were difficult and asked how I could help him improve his performance. He calmed down and told me that he was involved in another project where he had to do tasks that were not included in his career description. After a meeting with the other project manager, we came up with a solution that reduced the technician`s workload. For the rest of the project, the technician did a great job.┬áIf, despite your best efforts, you do not reach an agreement, you may need to discuss the consequences with each colleague individually if no solution is found.

You can ask: what do you think will happen if you do not reach an agreement? The answer, of course, is that they do not know. The only way to keep control of the outcome of the conflict is to resolve it yourself. Example: “In my experience, I worked with a group to prepare a presentation for leadership. The group was responsible for designing an idea and presenting a project plan for the implementation of the idea. We chose an idea and developed an action plan for the presentation. Two of the team members held daily meetings to discuss the plan and progress. Other team members, including myself, disagreed with this approach because the team disagreed with a protocol for notifying the progress and conclusion of the process. Conflicts are difficult to manage in all aspects of life, and there can be too much tension, mistrust and disruption in the workplace. To resolve more difficult conflicts with colleagues, it is important to approach the situation with a positive attitude and focus on solutions rather than blaming.