Business Intelligence Service Level Agreement

Data reliability can also relate to the reliability of the data source. In competitive messaging systems, sources are often considered reliable. For example, the New York Times will generally have a higher reliability rating than the National Enquirer. Primary sources are most frequently used to receive higher assessments than secondary sources. With Swiss BI Cloud, we offer our customers a comprehensive, secure, reliable, cost-effective and cloud-based business intelligence platform. Tailor-made, we configure Swiss BI Cloud in different scenarios, depending on the individual needs and IT environments of our customers. The starting point is always a BI infrastructure solution (IaaS) that extends to today`s leading BI technologies, Qlik, Jedox and Microsoft (SaaS) to self-service BI applications (BIaaS – “Intelligence Business as a Service”), based on iVIEW. In short, you need alS to build trust. Perhaps you have touched on something in my speeches – I think that in the field of analysis, the stakeholder relationship is essential. Data warehouses are often operated by centralized shared services teams. This means that the team that creates and manages the data is not reported to teams that use the data to operate their business. Even for the most enlightened executives, it`s a challenge to accept that something so important to your industry (the Data Warehouse) is being operated by another team.

That said, it`s important to determine the right ALS for your business. The commitment to an ALS of 99.9999% operating time requires tons of engineering work and a rigorous preparation plan. If you don`t really need such an uptime commitment, you shouldn`t have one! I`ll talk more about how I can find the right ALS for you in the second part. The word that comes out to me immediately is “commitment,” or, as I like to think, a “promise.” AlS is a promise to your stakeholders that you will provide a quality and predictable service they can count on. It`s also a promise to communicate if your level of service is compromised. Data quality certification The data provider may be prepared to provide some data quality certification based on its own internal testing. The SLA4D should specify a meta-day associated with the data and indicate the level of quality of the data provided. Include a provision allowing the consumer to verify the testing methods and results of the quality tests of the data by the supplier. Thanks to its many years of experience in the Qlik environment and through its BI services based on Swiss BI Cloud and iVIEW, Qlik has integrated Informatec into the exclusive circle of Qlik Managed service providers.

Quality and actively managed business intelligence services While Data Warehouse`s ALS should express its commitment to providing exemplary data services, it should also include commitments from stakeholders. Finally, all good relations require the participation of both parties.